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A lot of us will look at the mirror and think, “oh my god, I look so ugly”, “I wish I look like somebody else”, “ I wish I look like him”, “I wish I look like her”. Trust me even I was just like that when I was young. You  know why we get that feeling? It’s all because of getting bullied from others in many ways.

” Oh mom, I know that every mom loves her child!”

My Mother always used to tell me that I am beautiful. She says, “you donno yua beauty”, and I say, “Oh mom, I know that every mom loves her child! “ ha ha ha…
When I was in my fifth grade I had lot of dreams, always fascinated with fashion and art but like in the life of most of the people, everyone underestimated me just because I was different at that time like an introverted dumb kid with those thick glasses wearing loose clothes trying to please the people around me according to the society I was living in.

“Why me?”

I tried to figure out why?? Why underestimate me??

I used to think “I am ugly” “I am not talented” and “I am worthless”.


Video_20160718155328743_by_videoshowI didn’t know I was lost in the ocean. I was fighting with my own soul. I started growing up as an introverted girl who has a fear within her to talk, even the right things due to the circumstances.






Drawing was my only hobby with which I used to sit for hours together which was my only world. I drew my dreams. I drew myself in beautiful clothes and that’s when I started loving fairy tales! I started watching more and more cartoons. Of course, I still watch cartoons! I made castles in my dreams. I used to sit in front of the pc for hours trying to learn what I was lacking. “Am I lacking the speaking skills?” “Am I lacking the beauty” “How should I develop my personality?”

Haha….I was just trying to find myself!

But then you know what I realized with the time span??

” It’s not about the society it’s us. Can you hear DARLING? It’s us! “

Video_20160718170146500_by_videoshowIt’s not about the society who tries to easily judge but it’s us who underestimates ourselves. It’s crazy that we don’t value ourselves; we underestimate our own inner beauty, our talents. But then we just look up for others. We try to be them.  It’s just the game between the society and you, where sometimes you just fall into the trap made by the society because we don’t believe in ourselves and those few people who believe in you like your mom or any loved ones. We don’t realize that everybody has their own flaws and each individual are talented in their own way.  There will be always someone who brings your inside beauty into limelight, when everybody else is trying to make you somebody else.


“Its completely okie, if you make mistakes, Our imperfection is our beauty. Just we should know how to embrace it.”




As a grown up, I found my lost path. I diverted the route and started my new journey studying my own passion. I explored myself and everything as an individual. Overcame fears.


Suddenly, skies turned blue. Those positive vibes which we feel from inside is “you”.

As grown up, I started being myself and happy which I had been suppressing from my childhood. My own personality, my own style in fashion, art, beauty and I have to admit that cartoon character of mine which makes me happy and spread happiness!



I am no more introvert, I am loud enough to talk to somebody else, I feel my kinky curls are my strength. I dress like a celebrity. I walk like the whole road is the ramp. My friends and family are my big time strength. It’s not about my looks. When I dress good and dress the way I like, it helps me to become the person I feel from inside.

Yes, sometimes I am complicated with lots of flaws but that’s me after all.

Nobody can make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. If you love yourself, forget about others. Just be yourself. I know it’s not easy, most of the time people won’t accept you and hurt you! But darling, people who belong to you always get along your path and always make you feel right!

You are beautiful girl! Be you! Be wat your heart says, be what your soul feels, be the imperfect you, be the beautiful you. Be you!



Bully..!! Bully..!! Bully..!!

You may get bullied for what you are but being different is not a big deal as long as you accept yourself who you are.

Everybody has haters, everybody has admirers,

Every body has their insecurities,

and your are not alone in that battle.


So if someone bullies you or make fun of you, don’t let anybody convince you.

If you are standing out with those bullies from others then you are unique.


“At the end of the day we all want happiness. And I will say happiness is ‘Being you’.”




Saji Kennedy & this is my story 🙂


Listen to my audio podcast of this whole article! click link below 🙂 👇


Saji kennedy

Special thanks for the shoot to,

Sanju kennedy, Shijo mathew & Sudheer.


5 thoughts on “THE UGLY DUCKLING (feat. SAJI KENNEDY)

  1. Saying all that takes great courage.
    Keep inspiring Saji
    “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” Kobe Bryant. (3)


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