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That monster, F E A R !

Hey dreamers, it’s been long since we have spoken. Let’s have a conversation…

I have a question. Can you count the dreams you have dreamed of your future? Or a fairy tale that you have dreamed of? How many of them came true? How much have you struggled to make them into reality?


We all grow up with dreams of what we want to be, In the class you would see that one friend, who sketches nicely, you would have seen that girl who dance like a ballerina, a boy who plays guitar like a freaking heaven, A girl who puts makeup like a pro or a boy who imitates actors so well..

They dream to become an actor, singer, to work in Disney or a professional dancer or whatever. We all dream so much! Don’t we?

“BUT, Most of your dreams get stamped by the society and most of you grow up suppressing your dreams. Isn’t it? ” 

you hear the voices, “It’s never gonna happen!” “you’re gonna fail.” “why don’t you just quit” “it’s not your thing!” “Damn she is nuts”





“That’s all they yell and scream into your ears!”

You just kill your dreams.

Why do you kill your dreams? Why? Is it that simple?

“Cuz, first time when you try your dreams to happen into reality, that monster was introduced into your life. It keeps growing bigger and bigger when you hear those voices of discouragement.”

The monster says, “Hey dude, my name is fear.” “Thank you for introducing me into this world of failure” “I am here to make you fail every time!”


Most of you must be having friends, family or someone who supports you and always there to cheer you up! But sadly most of us won’t realize that and feel lonely and become a  lonely soul.

No dreamers , This shouldn’t happen!

“Practice your dreams!”

“Face the world!”

“Get out of the comfort zone!”

Remember that you are not alone.. Beginning is always hard 🙂

Just make the monster smaller and smaller with your faith and will power and stamp it off to make yourself grow.

Beware! Even though you kill the fear, it’s not killed. It comes back to your life in some or the other time. That time it won’t be the big monster which you saw at the beginning of your journey but it looks so small in-front of your experiences and you’ll be like “phooooo” (blow it away…)

“Go boy, go girl, kill that monster, dream your dreams and make it happen.”


Oh!! I see unicorns now….. wheeeeeeee…….. 😀


I wanna know how many of you faced fears and overcame in your life??? Comment below..

see ya soon 🙂


Saji Kennedy.





8 thoughts on “That monster, F E A R !

  1. They say “u do it n then give suggestions to others”
    I’m sure that u r ONE among those who suppressed this “F E A R” and coming up… way to go “ohdarlingletsdream”


  2. ✌😇 stay positive and overcome FEAR… ultimately success is YOURS…
    good one sajikutty 😎
    truly inspiring… 👍


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