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The fairy tale of A li’l blue dress!

Well well well…! 


Long long ago…. There was a little blue  dress which felt soo lonely all the time. It needs one friend  to have fun in life. Then one fine day, a princess from India came and picked ‘ The li’l blue dress ‘ !! Since then it lived happily ever after… 

Look 1:


Princess : “Playful and minimalistic style has always ruled the world in all the period of time.”

So, I wore my favourite little blue dress with my white shirt and white shoes which forms a beautiful colour combo…

Jump! Jump! Jump! And go with this color combo under the sun on the open top car , any where for the road trips or picnics!  This look is meant for jumpy fun. 💃

Look 2:



“I love drama! That graphical drama….With a graphically represented vintage background, I turned my li’l blue dress into a winter wear with my pastel blue top as off shoulder and black stockings with my orange ballet flats. I wore my winter cap creating a connection between the pastels and neutrals as well as cuteness and punk combined.”

Look 3:




“This is an old retro ad look…! Woah…Which my amma used to wear. It’s a trend at that period with some extra blush! That indo-western look which will get evolved and will surely be in trend in future generation ladies! Ohh… Look at that  retro wallpaper graphical background, it’s one of our room’s wall.”



Little blue dress :

“Ahhhh…. Now I feel someone is there for me! Feeling loved! ”

And then the little blue dress lived happily ever after…since then, it has been a memory in her family.




Graphics & story,

Saji kennedy.





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