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How to choose the best gift?

GIFTS.., GIFTS..,GIFTS……!!! Whoaaa……!!


                                Everybody loves to get gifts. what if you gift your loved ones, you find them not liking the gift with their expression itself after opening the gift and you find them pretending that they really liked it but actually it’s not??

Gifts are given to others in two ways :

💎 Sense of duty

💎 Feelings

Yes…., We gift in order to get something in return or it might be a simple gratitude which comes under SENSE OF DUTY . But for the loved once we really take efforts to get or make the gifts! Either through creativity, when we spend hours to days for that particular person or by saving each penny by collecting one by one into a piggy bank with lots of difficulty which comes under FEELINGS.

“Even though we try to gift ‘The best gift’. Sometimes we fail to give the best!”


Confused what to gift your loved ones???

Here are few tips to think about before gifting a person,

 💎 Don’t focus on your own preferences!!!  :

Everybody have their own tastes and preferences! Their style might be different from you. So, you have to be very very careful while choosing a gift buddy!

💎 Observe :

You know the person from so long but do you know their personality and their preferences?

Knowing a person and their personality is different. When you are trying  to understand a person, you will automatically get to know about their personality and their preferences.

If you don’t know  the person! I know you must be panicking, “ OMG! What the heck should I pick? So confusing!! “  No no no no… Don’t panick!


“The key is know the person!”


Ok, wait now you’ll be like , “I know him darling! but how to know his or her preferences?? I just know him from few days!! “


Think about what colours they usually wear or pick in their everyday life :

Look at the selfies you took with them or their own pictures where you can find what colour palette are they preferring in their everyday life.  Are they preferring neutral or pop colours or neons ??

Think about their own style :

Are they tomboy? Or traditional? or indo western?

Think about their kind :

Are they calm?

Are they fun?

Are they party freak?


Know their hobbies :

Is she a bookworm?

Does she loves nature?

Does she love pets?

Think about their needs :

Did she buy a new laptop? Get her a laptop sleeve.

Did she buy a new mobile? Get her a panel. Don’t forget to think about her colour preferences while picking a panel!

If you are totally unaware of them just forget about everything,

💎”Just DIY!”

When you doesn’t have any idea or when you are broke. Then you should just choose to diy! Diy is completely “YOU” which totally show  your efforts to make a particular gift. DIYs  are always special!

“DIYs are not the money you spent, it’s the time you spent to make the gift!”


Bonus point : No need to worry that will they like it or  not cuz just your efforts to make the gift itself will make your loved ones happy!

Warning : Don’t always gift only diys. If you are doing so show different kind of creativity in it but not the same type of gift all the time! They shouldn’t get bored of your gifts!

Let’s say you know painting and you gift them only painting from past 2-3 years and even though they value your efforts, unknowingly they tend to get bored of it which you doesn’t want them to. So, be careful before DIYing.

“What if you don’t have the creativity to do DIY’s ?? No worries, there’s one more option.”

💎Personalised gifts :

Personalised gifts became common now-a-days. Its something professional compared to DIY. It might be putting up the picture on the cake or cup or bottle or on anything. Slowly people are getting bored of it, Ohhhh damn! 😦

Personalised Gifts👎

(But putting up the pictures sometimes is cute too..depends on how you arrange it.)


large (2).jpg







So what??? You know  why people are getting bored of DIYs cuz everybody are using only personal pictures which all the people may not like. You can put your art work  or get an artwork done from outside which connects their lifestyle and their personality which I have mentioned above. It depends on the quality and creativity which the recipients minimum expects for! (This doesn’t mean when kids do creative stuff :p Few things are cute when they are not perfect too !)


“Even though it’s not perfect, make it look professional!”

Ask the one whom you are getting the work done to follow proper colour combo, alignments,quality and good fonts!


You might think gift wrapping is just a formality! But that matters a lot. It grabs the recepient’s attention!

Try to wrap the gift with their favourite colour which makes them enthusiastic looking at the gift from outside! It shows the care you have taken to present the gift!


Okie, what if nothing is working out ,you don’t wanna gift. And you wanna do something crazy??

💎Plan for an adventurous trip:

If you loved ones loves to hangout or if he or she is adventurous in life, this will be a great option where you can plan a surprise too!


“Don’t forget to know that do they have any other plans too before planning for a trip.”

And finally one important point!!



Let it be a surprise of any gift. Do not reveal it before itself. Give them that pleasant shock which not only me but everybody loves to get a surprise and they can’t forget that for lifetime!



What did I gift on my lovable li’l sissy birthday 👸 ???

My li’l sissy’s birthday that is yesterday (april 14th, 2016) went so good when I did my part like always.

Being miles away from her since 2years, I feel sad where I can’t be with her all the time but one thing darlings, we slayed her birthday. I did a personalized gift for her. Oh yeah, that’s right! I did a personalized t-shirt and a mobile panel. I would always love to take some efforts to make her happy 🙂


How I designed the gifts??


T-shirt : I don’t wanna put personal photos and annoy her. I chose my art skills to put on the t-shirt.

I thought, when she wear’s this t-shirt,

💎 It should be trendy.

💎 It should connect us and

💎 She should be comfortable wearing it.

🌻So I Designed a whatsapp emoji which connects us two dancing girls emoji, which is a crazy emoji that connects us.


🌻And whatsapp emoji’s are on trend.

🌻And the quote also connect’s us very well.

🌻So, I  illustrated the design graphically.



Mobile panel :

She bought a new mobile and I know she will be in need of a cute mobile panel!

💎I thought she should be proud to carry that mobile panel. Instead of representing us, I thought it will be nice if it represents her!

🌻So I illustrated a girl with a beautiful indian brown skin that my sissy has.


🌻I included the colour which she loves and which suits the mobile too.

🌻I included a puppy cuz she is a puppy lover.

🌻I included beautiful curls which she is blessed with!

🌻And gave that empowering statement that “Brown skin and curls rule the world!”


Like always I love to give surprises to my loved ones and die for making them happy on that special occasion!

So gave it as a surprise. I am with her on 12am through face time . It’s like seeing through a magical window and enjoyed her happiness by seeing the gift through the webcam 😀 yayyy…! ✊

Me inside the computer :p and my cute family! [12 a.m] ❤

She got so many other gifts like handmade and so many others..




Her gifts ❤




“Gifts are giving time,love and happiness but not the money.”


Pics-pinterest and personal

-Saji Kennedy







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